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CareNet Process

Central Marketing - CareNet shall identify patient source and insurance payor and further negotiate a contract with the insurance payor. CareNet shall also implement various marketing programs to increase client's awareness and recognition.

Central Intake - Upon referral, CareNet intake department will take complete demographic and insurance information, and medical information which shall include the diagnosis and physician's order. After CareNet assigns a patient to provider, CareNet will notify member of planned home healthcare services, and the patient's financial responsibilities. CareNet will also coordinate necessary medical supplies, durable medical equipment and pharmacy for the patient.

Central Billing- Upon receiving the referral, CareNet will verify the patient's insurance benefit and the member's financial responsibility, and obtain an authorization from the case manager of the insurance carrier. Upon receiving the claim details from provider, CareNet shall bill insurance payor (primary and secondary payor if applicable), and the patient if necessary. Distribution shall be made to the Provider according to compensation schedule within two weeks of receiving reimbursement from insurance payor.