CareNetHealth Home Sitemap  

 Mission Statement
CareNet Health System is a service organization that, along with contracted providers, is committed to giving high quality health care. Our personnel are trained to maintain professional integrity, high standard of care, compassion, and confidentiality at all times when caring for our clients. The patient’s health, comfort, and peace of mind is our primary concern. We strive to promote health, prevent illness, enhance independence, educate clients and their families, and to meet the expanding needs of the overall community. When we combine client, family and community resources, a positive affirmation results.

CareNet Health System is committed to empower our contracted home care providers and residential care facilities in the competitive managed healthcare environment. CareNet engages in efficient marketing and reimbursement management for our contracted providers. CareNet Health System, providing innovative services, is mindful of fiscal responsibility in health care industry.