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 Provider Benefits
  • You can service private insurance and private pay patients, without the headache!
  • Take the fixed overhead for private duty out of your business!
  • All you have to do is what you do best - CARE FOR YOUR PATIENT!
  • When we work together, we have the power!

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What can CareNet Health System do for your agency?
  • We develop contracts with payors.
  • We develop name awareness.
  • We market general public.
  • We provide website for public access.
  • We secure clients for you.
  • We have the power of united providers .
  • We accept referral information.
  • We verify insurance benefits.
  • We secure authorization of services.
  • We manage patient care with payor case managers.
Reimbursement Process
  • Our billing expert bill insurance company or patient for you.
  • Weekly reimbursement.
Your benefits:
  • Increased revenue!
  • Reduced Account Receivable!
  • Reduced administrative cost!
  • Improved bottom line!