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 Credential Standard
Home Health Agencies and Residential Care Facilities

1. Home Health Care agencies and Long Term facilities.


  • The Home Healthcare Agency must have a valid state license to practice Home Health.

  • Medicare Certification and JCAHO or CHAP accreditation are not the absolute qualification to join CareNet Health System. However, the agency that lacks one of the qualifications may not be included in certain programs that the payer has set as their criteria to provide services.

The Application Form

    Each applicant must fully complete the participation application form, and periodically supply and update with all requested information.

Practice Standard

    The provider warrants that it is available to provide services per patient's need and the Company's approval.

The provider has on-call nurses 24 hours a day to handle new referrals and emergency contacts. The provider should strictly follow the guidelines of the professional standard and comply with government (State or Federal) regulations. All agencies shall follow Title XXII. Medicare certified agencies must follow HCFA guidance. JCAHO/CHAP accredited agencies must follow their respective standard.

Insurance Policies

  • Certified of current Professional and General Liability Insurance Policy. The policy should include a minimum of $1,000,000 for each claim and $3,000,000 for annual aggregate maximum.

  • An acceptable malpractice experience history as determined by the CareNet Health System Credentials Committee.

  • Policy Declaration of Workers' Compensation and Employer's liability. Coverage minimum is $1,000,000.


    The provider warrants that all credentialing information provided is true and factual and will continue to maintain the submitted credential for the duration of participation in CareNet network.

The provider authorizes CareNet or the payer to investigate the accuracy of the information provided.

The provider also releases liability of both individuals and organizations providing information and the company or the respective health plan payers utilizing information to determine provider information.

Non-Licensed Home Care Agencies

The Application Form

    Each agency must fully complete the credentialing forms, and periodically supply and update CareNet with all requested information.

Practice Standard

    The agencies warrant that they meet the following Guidelines so the patient will be ensured to receive the highest quality of care from a qualified caregiver.

1. The agencies must follow a stringent hiring process:

  • Require caregiver's full application and resume.
  • Intensive Interview and reference check to ensure the caregiver is mentally and physically capable to take care of patients.
  • Finger printing and criminal background check.
  • Drug and Alcohol check.
  • DMV record check if caregiver is required to drive.
  • Physical examiniation every 2 years.
  • TB test every two years.
  • The caregiver is properly oriented to the agency policy and procedures.
2. The agencies must send an RN or Social worker to perform initial assessment and to work out a care plan for the patient. The care plan is to be mutually agreed by the RN/Social worker and the patient/patient's family.

3. RN/Social worker must provide on-going supervision in the office and in patient's residence.

4. The agency must purchase professional liability, general liability and worker's compensation coverage for the caregivers and an employee dishonesty policy to bond the caregivers.

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