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 Continuous Care
Our professional staff will provide hourly services to the patients that are in need of constant monitoring and care. A registered nurse or social worker will evaluate your the patient's and assist in deciding what level of care you need. When you are caring for a loved one it may be difficult to be there 24 hours a day. You may need someone to stay with your loved one while you run errands, work, go on a vacation or when you just need a rest.

1. RNs, LVNs - When a patient has hands on skilled needs such as IVs, G Tube feedings, Wound Care or Ventilator Care or a RN or LVN may be necessary to provide continuous care.

2. Home Health Aides - If a patient needs assistance with hands-on safe transfers, bathing, feeding, meal preparation, and light housekeeping, a home health aide may be what the patient need.

3. Companion/Homemaker - An elderly or a person with disability may need assistance with daily living tasks, such as housekeeping, cooking, personal hygene, dressing, errands or safety watch. Our companion or homemakers are there to ensure the patient's safety and comfort.


  • Bathing/Bed time Services - 2 hour services to get patient up and about, or 2 hour bedtime services.

  • Hourly Service - We require a minimum of 4 hours each time.

  • Live-In - For a live-in, the caregiver must be able to sleep in his/her own room for 8 hours per night with minimal interruptions. If the patient has frequent needs during the night then we would set up (2) 12 hour shifts or (3) 8 hour shifts.

  • Respite Care - We care for the patient whenever the family needs a break.