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 About us is brought to you by CareNet Health System. This service is used as a tool to educate and communicate with the consumer.It is a directory of home health agency network. It provides assistance in finding an appropriate home health agency or residential care facility arrangement for you or your loved ones as an alternative way of living. It also is a way for the consumer to tap into a reference area where they can find educational health materials in the way of health tips, articles, surveys and newsletters. You can also direct your questions to Nurse Jo and they will be answered in a timely manner. The reference area is intended to help prevent illness and promote health. We are committed to the health care industry and our personnel are trained in the health care profession to answer all your health care questions. We are not, however a replacement for your doctor.

The patient's health, comfort and peace of mind are our primary concerns. We strive to promote health, prevent illness, enhance independence, educate clients and their families, and to meet the expanding needs of the community. When we combine client, family and community resources, a positive affirmation results.