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 How To Select A Facility
Below are tips on how to choose the right residential care facility for your loved one.

1. Ask people for recommendations

Seek recommendations from MDs, discharge planners, social workers, or CareNet staff. You should also ask your friends who have had to place someone.

2. Make a visit unannounced

You can see how the facility is run on a regular day. Ask the administrator questions if he or she has time.

3. Observe the residents

Are they lethargic? Are they involved in activity? You want to see the clients happy and engaged in activity.

4. What language do the other residents or the caregivers speak?

It is important for clients to be able to communicate with each other. It is also important for them to be able to make their needs known to their caregivers.

5. What mental capacity do the residents have?

Are they confused or disoriented? If your loved one is alert and oriented and the others are not it would be very frustrating not to be able to have stimulating conversation.

6. What activities does the residence offer?

The activities should be stimulating and enjoyable to your loved one.

7. How many caregivers to clients?

Safety is very important and there should be adequate help to meet the needs of all the residents.

8. Nutrition? Diets?

Are well-balanced meals served? Are the portions sufficient? Are they able to prepare medically necessary diets such as diabetic, low sodium, low fat etc.? What kind of food is served? The food should match the likes and dislikes of your loved one.

9. What is included in cost?

Be sure you know what is included in the cost. For example, transportation to and from MD., food, personal hygeine products, etc.