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 Learn About Your Needs
Home health care has enabled patients to leave the hospital much earlier to recover in their own homes. This is the most ideal situation for recovery - surrounded by loved ones and friends in a familiar environment. Most insurance companies will pay for skilled professionals to enter the person's home on an intermittent basis, to educate and monitor the disease process, or to perform skilled care. Although it is the health care professional's goal to arrange for this type of care, this may not always be possible. When a family member becomes ill or disabled, intermittent skilled care may not be sufficient or appropriate to meet the needs of the individual. As a result of an altered mental or physical mobility status, the patients may need long-term, continuous care to ensure safety and well being. Unfortunately, continuous care care at home is costly and is not covered under most insurance policies. Many patients and their families are unable to pay the cost for caregivers in their home on an hourly basis. Although they may want to family members may not be able to care for their loved ones due to their own family obligations and/or geographical area in which they live.

Is it a Temporary or Permanent need?

First you need to determine if this is temporary or permanent. Sometimes as a result of illness or hospitalization the patient needs to just regain strength and endurance, or needs instruction on how to care for themselves.However, if they may need permanent assistance due to altered mental or physical ability as a result of Stroke or Alzheimer's disease. If it is a temporary situation, most insurance will pay for a skilled nursing facility as long as there are skilled needs. Skilled needs are those that must be performed by a licensed professional such as a nurse or physical therapist. Most insurance will not pay for long term placement especially if there are no skilled needs.

What is the reason for placement?

Is it a physical inability to care for themselves or is it a mental inability? If it is a mental inability such as Alzheimer, you might want to consider a facility that specializes in Alzheimer's clients.